Hudson Kin - The Song is Back

My name is Walter J. Kin (pen name Hudson Kin, though Russian-speaking people call me Володя), and I am a songwriter, digital creator, and producer based in NYC, USA, but born and raised in Russia, to Jewish parents. I am associated with different entities that include my brand name "Rigli" (for example, Rigli Music,  Rigli Publishing,  Rigli Media, and Rigli Records). The main aspiration of my projects, the thing that I love to do the most is to bring old beautiful melodies back to life, to the mainstream through new lyrics and arrangements.   How do I do that? I listen to different songs and there are some of them I immediately fall in love with.  The problem is it's about 9 out of 10 times that I am unhappy with the lyrics. I don't like them, or they are no longer relevant,  or they are not in Russian or English, the only two languages I understand.  Here are the songs from my current project "Jewish Songs. In Russsian"  ( So what do I do?