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Rigli Media

Rigli: A Name Synonymous with Creative Excellence

"Rigli" serves as a brand for our diverse creative endeavors, encompassing "Rigli Music," "Rigli Media," and "Rigli Publishing." It also acts as a pseudonym for artists whose identities remain undisclosed for various reasons.

Our portfolio includes several projects, with Jewish, the Musical at its core, nestled under the broader "Jewish Songs for All" initiative. The musical, for which I am the concept creator and developer, unfolds the narrative of Jewish history through a rich tapestry of song and dance. While it is rooted in traditional Jewish melodies, our musical tapestry also weaves in influences from Russian, Ukrainian, Latin, and Christian gospel traditions, among others. The heart of this musical lies in the poignant translations and adaptations by Olga Anikina, which breathe new life into cherished but fading Jewish songs. Initially translated and adapted from their original Yiddish and Hebrew, among other languages, into Russian, we now strive to further adapt her masterful lyrics into the global lingua franca, English. This process is not only a translation but a cultural bridge that connects a rich heritage to the modern world.
To experience a glimpse of our ongoing work, I invite you to listen to some of our initial demos available on this YouTube playlist


Walter J. Kin
NYC, US-based creative director

Cell phone: 1-212-814-4955

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P. S. Rigli Media stands at the forefront of innovation in the arts, dedicated to preserving and rejuvenating cultural expressions that resonate with contemporary audiences. We focus on bringing to light underappreciated or forgotten facets of our collective human experience, ensuring they remain a vibrant part of our global narrative.